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7 reasons to enroll your children into martial arts

Art camps, dance programs, and sports activities all provide exceptional benefit to your child. However nothing provides the most amount of long-term investment like martial arts. Combining both mental and physical improvements to a child’s development, many parents in Spruce Grove turn to Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for its popularity and benefits. Here are 7 […]

Jiu-jitsu for kids – The best way to stop bullying!

Thousands of kids suffer from being bullied every day. Bullying is intimidation or domination toward someone perceived as weaker, a way to establish superiority through coercion or force. What defines bullying is that this intimidation is repeated and sustained over a period of time. Fear is a sensible reaction to bullying, both the fear of […]

4 reasons why women should practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Learning Jiu-jitsu skills benefits women in ways that extend beyond discovering how to protect themselves. It also boosts their self- esteem and positively affects their personality. Jiu-jitsu is a great stress reliever. Check out 4 reasons for you to practice: Confidence Women gain more confidence in themselves and their ability and willingness to tackle their […]